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Geigerverse” Set To Feature More New Characters, American Widow X

Geigerverse" Set To Feature More New Characters, American Widow X

After Image Comics’ hit with Geiger, a series of new characters set in The Unnamed Universe promises to explore more of the past before the Unknown War led to Geiger’s creation. Created by industry veterans, writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank, the Unnamed Universe has included the stories of Geiger, Junkyard Joe, and Redcoat. All have unique backstories, and the depth of storytelling coupled with engaging artwork has made these stories stand out.

Those We Know So Far

Geiger is a family man who became trapped in the outside world after the Unknown War caused nuclear armageddon on the planet. While the rest of his family is safely sealed away in a bunker, Gieger is left to become mutated by the radiation into a being of pure atomic energy over 20 long years.

Junkyard Joe is a robotic machine built to kill in 1972. He is a product of the Cold War, but his most incredible mission is to seek out his creator at all costs. Redcoat comes from 1776, at the height of the American Revolution. A British assassin dedicated to his mission. He becomes immortal in a way you might not expect.

What’s Next?

After the release of The Unnamed timeline, fans now know several new characters will be introduced in the future. While we don’t know who will be next to hit the shelves, one intriguing alias stands out: American Widow X.

While there is very little to be gained from the timeline, we get a tasty hint at the character’s motivations. “American Widow X seeks her revenge.” From this, we can deduce that the character is a woman who has lost her husband. She’s American. Her husband likely met a suspicious end.

Our bet is on murder. Why else would she need revenge? Why call herself this name if not to avenge her husband’s death? It’s not much of a stretch to imagine this origin, though it’s important to note it wouldn’t be the first time Johns has thrown readers for a loop. Maybe this lady is just really fond of cannibalistic spiders; who knows.

It’s the subtle clues that make thousands of people eager to read the next installment. The Unnamed Universe (sometimes called the ‘Geigerverse’) is a masterclass in storytelling, linking the past with the future through a tapestry of strange and compelling heroes.